Software Development

AMYTISS: Parallelized Automated Controller Synthesis for Large-Scale Stochastic Systems

AMYTISS is an advanced software tool developed in C++/OpenCL that provides parallel automated controller synthesis for large-scale discrete-time stochastic control systems which is absolutely crucial in many safety-critical applications. This tool allows to:

  • build finite Markov decision processes (MDPs) as finite abstractions of given original stochastic systems;

  • synthesize automated controllers for the constructed finite MDPs satisfying some high-level specifications (e.g., safety, reachability & reach-avoid).

AMYTISS enjoys high-performance computing (HPC) platforms together with cloud-computing services to mitigate the problem of state-explosion which is always the case in analyzing large-scale stochastic systems. This tool significantly improves performances w.r.t. computation time and memory usage by parallel execution in different heterogeneous computing platforms including CPUs, GPUs and hardware accelerators (HWAs).


AMYTISS is an open-source tool and can be downloaded from its GitHub repository. AMYTISS requires the acceleration ecosystem, pFaces, that can be downloaded from here.

Tool paper


Please report any problems/bugs you face while installing and running AMYTISS to Abolfazl Lavaei or Mahmoud Khaled.